Booking Policy

  1. All reservations booked online or over the phone at are guaranteed.
  2. By using online or phone service of, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions, data protection or privacy policy, booking policy, cancellation and change policy of this website or the supplier (airlines) or your specific reservation.
  3. All bookings are processed instantly and automatically upon booking. In some situations however, the booking process may take slightly longer as we may request additional information from the customer, to complete the booking process. Some examples situations (but not limited to) are 3rd party transaction, high value tickets, urgent travel, bank authorization, credit card verification etc.
  4. In case additional documents are requested to complete the booking, these documents must be submitted within 24 hours from the time we notify you to send the documents. In case documents are not received before time stipulated above, we would not take responsibility of the change in price/availability of the ticket.
  5. All reservations are non-refundable and non-changeable unless specified in only the email containing your E-Tickets, which is sent after initial confirmation mail. For phone bookings the acknowledgement email sent by us should be referred to read the change and cancellation policy.
  6. Prior to issuing your tickets, reserves the right to notify you, in case the terms and conditions have changed for your reservation without a change in the total cost of the ticket. Customers reserve the right in case to cancel in case changed terms and conditions are not agreeable to them.
  7. The bookings are also subject to supplier conditions applicable on the reservation such as check in hours, baggage dimensions, airlines schedule change policy etc. The passenger upon booking with us, automatically agree to such conditions applied by the suppliers/airlines on your reservation.
  8. All bookings are subject to cancellation and change policies, specific to the reservation. It is strongly advised to understand and accept the terms of your reservation before completing the booking process.
  9. The first email received is only a notification that the booking process has begun and it may be subject to verification through reconfirmation, authorization in writing or over the phone whichever is necessary.
  10. The booking policy requires customers to fulfill all documentation requirements in order to complete the booking process such as Credit card authorization forms duly filled, ID or credit card copies for verification.
  11. Please review general terms and conditions and kindly confirm change and cancellation policy before making flight reservation.
  12. Our travel consultants may recommend alternate options that might suit you more than your originally requested flights. The discretion to choose the alternate option lies with the customer.
  13. All information provided by us regarding your flight can be verified by the airlines directly.
  14. Visa and other travel requirements: We do not take responsibility of the visa and other travel requirements, or related information, provided by us on the website or phone. Passengers must ensure that they have checked with local embassy or concerned authority about valid travel documents or information. We cannot be held liable for any interruptions arising from information provided by us.
Disclaimer is an online, self reliant travel website/agency. We do not represent any airlines, nor do we own or manage any kind of travel services. We do not declare that we are associated with them directly. We deal with suppliers or aggregators sometimes referred as consolidators to make any travel reservations. These consolidators may or may not have direct contracts with airlines or other travel services mentioned above. The branding is authentic and it used for expressive purposes only and does not signify any sort of partnerships or direct affiliation with any airlines.

By using our services and by accessing our website, You automatically agree that you have read and accept the terms mentioned on the website and you agree we do not hold any liability for any direct or indirect loss, however arising, from the use of any information, products, offers , materials and links to other sites found on this website.

Call us for any further enquiries at 0800-069-8596 or 0207 442 5844 (English) or email us at

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