Flights to Middle East

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Middle East Overview

The Middle East is the cradle of the world's most ancient civilisations as well as the centre of some of the best architectural wonders and places of religious significance! No matter what part of the world you are flying from to the Middle East, particularly UAE, Egypt, Iran, Jordan and Bahrain, you will be greeted by open-air museums laden ancient cities, legendary heritage buildings and even modern wonders of the world such as towering skyscrapers. Blessed with scenic desert and landscape, overwhelming sea of sands, meandering lakes, Red Sea, Sahara desert and striking mountains, the Middle East has enough of Mother Nature's bounty. If a Middle-Eastern escape has been on your mind for long and you have been looking for some travel inspiration, booking your tickets to any major city of the UAE first makes the most sense, as from there travelling around is fairly convenient and cheaper.

Top Destinations in Middle East

The Middle East is a treasure trove of stunning attractions which one must fly to at least once in their lifetime. However, some countries/places here are more popular amongst tourist than others because of their unique offerings. A majority of tourists travelling to the Middle East fly to UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan and Kuwait. Tickets to UAE sell like hot cakes around the world as it is the hub that receives most tourists as well as business travellers in the Middle East from around the world. Its world-class cities- Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ra's al Khaymah- impress with their futuristic architecture while retaining their grip tightly on their ancient traditions. Egypt vows with its ancient cities of Cairo, Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh that are sites of most of the country's most valuable gems such as the timeless pyramids and rivers, the beguiling deserts, the stunning beaches as well as the quaint mosques, museums, tombs and forts. Between them Bahrain's top cities - Manama, Muharraq and Riffa has plenty to offer to a tourist booking his flight with the expectation of being witness to historical, cultural and traditional grandeur. Oman, Jordan and Kuwait are some intriguing stamping grounds that pamper with utmost of sightseeing attractions, shopping delights and dining options

Flights to UAE - Middle East

A plethora of airlines fly to the Middle East from the UK. Depending upon where in the Middle East you would like to travel to, you will find both direct and connecting flights from all major airports in the UK including London Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham. Heathrow remains the popular choice of not just the travellers departing from Britain but also of the travellers taking connecting flights from the UK to the Middle East. If you need to book tickets to the UAE, British Airways, Emirates as well as Etihad Airways are your best options. While visiting Bahrain, you can fly directly with the British Airways and the Gulf Air whereas for Jordan, British Airways, Royal Jordanian as well as Emirates make the best choice. Kuwait Airways, KLM, Gulf Air, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways are the popular choices for those seeking tickets aboard Kuwait bound flights from London Heathrow.

Middle East Quick Travel Facts

Geography: A majority of the countries that constitute the Middle East are a part of Asia but a large number of them also belong to other regions. The Middle East, mainly, is bordered by the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Major Countries: UAE, Israel, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt.

Key Holiday Destinations: Dubai, Sharm al Sheikh, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Fujairah, Tel Aviv, Doha, Cairo, Muscat, Ras Al Khaimah, Manama, Muharraq and Riffa

Key Airports: Dubai International, Abu Dhabi International, Muscat International, Ben Gurion International, Cairo International, Seeb International, Doha International.

Key Airlines to UAE: You can book your tickets to UAE with Etihad, Gulf Air, Emirates, Egypt Air, Oman Air, El Al Airlines, Qatar Airways as well as Saudi Arabian Airlines amongst many others.

Language: Arabic is the official language in most countries of the Middle East. English also remains widely spoken and understood throughout the region.

Popular Holidays: Cultural and Historical, City Breaks, Desert Safaris, Sightseeing, Adventure, Shopping, Beach, Winter Sun.

Top Beach Holidays: Sharm el Sheikh, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Sharjah, Tel Aviv, Eilat, Dubai, Hurghada.

Best Time to Visit the Middle East

You are inspired and are already on your way to booking the ticket to a central city in the UAE from where you can begin your Middle-Eastern adventure? Hold on. Wouldn't you like to know what the best time to visit this part of the world is? The Middle East is best visited between months of October to April as the weather is relatively cooler and it is easier for tourists to move around and enjoy the interesting outdoors in the region. Be mindful, however, that a large number of people fly to the Middle East, UAE in particular, around this time; book your tickets in advance. As the Dubai Shopping Festival also takes place around at the peak time, booking a cheap flight to UAE can get difficult, if not done beforehand.